Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Quick baby gift

I'm pleased with how this super-easy flannel receiving blanket turned out! It only took about 1 1/2 hours total, and it's so soft. I made it for the baby of another quilting-mom, and since it gets to be in the 100s degree-wise here, I didn't add any batting, so she can use it as a carrier-cover or just a lay-on-the-ground blankie for hanging out. My daughter helped me with the design, using three different flannels and the fun brown rickrack to dress it up a bit. Sometimes don't you just love a fast finish?!


  1. I have always loved blues and browns together, since I was a child. Can you post a tutorial for this? I need easier baby blankets for friends. I usually make quilts, and I can't keep up. Too many babies are being born in our lives. That's a good problem to have. :) Babies make the world happier.

    I like your music.

  2. My daughter just went and saw Paramore last night in Tampa. I've been listening to your music for an hour now. LOL


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