Monday, June 1, 2009

And the winners are...

#117--Robin in New Jersey, 5/28/09 2:31 p.m.--chenille burpcloths

#44--Kate, 5/27/09 3:30 p.m.--minkee blanket

and 5/31/09 11:52 a.m.--jelly roll

Yea!! I'm so excited for the awesome response to my giveaways; thanks to everyone who took the time to comment. I've read every comment, and am about halfway through the blogs/websites you all were kind enough to share with me. There are so many talented people around, it's great to get acquainted with all of you! I LOVE giving things away, so I'll definitely do it again! In the meantime, keep creating!!

(P.S. to the winners: I've emailed each of you, so check your in-boxes!)

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